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Our Safety Culture

Safety First Last Always

This is our daily mantra.

Our Safety Values

These values are core to  JA Martin, they are not negotiable and underpin our daily work life. Everyone at JA Martin is committed to adhering to these values for not only themselves and colleagues, but also to any other sub-contractor we may use or anyone that comes onto one of our worksites.

  • Isolation
    I will always isolate wherever the chance of energy release is possible
  • Fitness For Work
    I will ensure I am fit for work at all times
  • Working at Height 
    I will not work above 2m without fall arrest equipment
  • Mechanical Lifting/Suspended Loads 
    I will never place myself or others under a suspended load
  • Manual Handling 
    I  will find a solution that prevents injury
  • Working with Hands & Hand Tools
    I will exercise care whenever working with my hands
  • Electrical Energy
    I will not work on a live electrical circuits
  • Communication
    I will communicate all information that may have an effect on safety

Download Core Values Presentation

Our Safety Goals

  • Create and sustain a work environment that is free from harm.
  • Continue our below industry standard injury rates.

Our Workplace Health & Safety Policy

Workplace Health and Safety Policy