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Smart Phone Motor Control App

JA Martin’s new Web based remote motor control system has been made to provide customers with control of their irrigation pumps, Generators, Augers and motors through their mobile phones, tablets, laptops or other web based devices remotely.

Our application provides customers with remote diagnostics to monitor and record everything from water & energy usage, bearing & motor winding temperatures to voltage, current and power usage; the possibilities are endless.

JA Martin’s App will be customized to suit your individual remote control needs.

Real time alarms can speed the grower’s decision making, by streaming operational changes and notification of potential problems. Customers can access his or her motor from anywhere in the world, precisely track and graph their own custom parameters, eg water usage, and communicate with others on the farm using one easy and secure application (Mobile coverage required).

Flow-generating equipment like fans, pumps and compressors are often used without motor speed control. Instead, flow is traditionally controlled by throttling or using with a valve or damper. When flow is controlled without regulating the motor speed,the motor runs continuously and inefficiently at full speed.

Using a VSD to control the motor speed can save up to 70% of the energy.
Typical life time costs of pump ownership are 5 % Purchase, 5% Maintenance & 90% energy consumption!